Human Resources Project Manager

Human Resources Project Manager

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced "Human Resources Project Manager" to work with a fast growing global start-up in the crypto/blockchain industry. We are looking for a team player who can sink their teeth into the day's work. All whilst thinking fast on your feet or in a chair or wherever you happen to be and can comfortably work in a fast-paced environment alongside a passionate team who are located across the world.

Job description:

Experience in managing a recruiting team is a must, as is knowledge of managing team numbers and recruiting appropriately. For example, the ability to recruit through any media. Experience in organizational management and team management required. Ability to communicate in a somewhat wet manner. High stress tolerance. Good at talking to people.

Your Background:

・Experience in the HR department of a start-up organization with 30+ employees. ・Experience in HR in a growing organization is a plus. ・Experience managing a team of about 5 people (preferably someone who can work smartly with other members) ・Experience in business planning and project management is preferred. ・You do not need to be a native English speaker, but should be able to have business conversations in English while doing research. ・Recruitment media experience preferred.(Bizreach、Linkedin、Angellist etc.)

Other details

・Full Remote Work

・Japanese speaker available

We've got talented members from all over the world working on this project!

(Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, India, Sweden, Australia, etc.)

Company Profile

AKIVERSE LAB PTE. LTD. Head office address : 105 Cecil Street #24-02 The Octagon Singapore 069534

Number of employees 40 (including subcontractors)

If you are interested in applying for this position Casual interview is available.







・30名以上のスタートアップ企業の人事部での経験。 ・成長企業での人事経験あれば尚可。 ・5名程度のチームマネジメントの経験(他のメンバーとスマートに仕事ができる方が望ましい) ・事業企画、プロジェクトマネジメントの経験があれば尚可。 ・英語ネイティブである必要はないが、リサーチしながら英語でビジネス会話ができる方。 ・採用メディア経験者優遇(Bizreach、Linkedin、Angellistなど)


・フルリモートワーク ・日本語が話せる方でもOKです。



会社概要 AKIVERSE LAB PTE. LTD. Head office address : 105 Cecil Street #24-02 The Octagon Singapore 069534 従業員数 40名(業務委託含む)